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The cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore is regarded as one of the most promising cities. While it has a rich cultural heritage, what are needed to control the growth of this pulsating city are professional services in development planning. Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) vision is to “Create and improve an economically vibrant, efficient and sustainable basic infrastructure and other facilities in the urban areas of Mysore to enhance the quality of life”. Thus, with rapid urbanization, it is imperative that decision making at MUDA is done in an efficient manner using suitable technology. A Geographical Information System (GIS) based decision support system (DSS) has been identified as one such tool.

MUDA has prepared a Master Plan 2031 to sustain the growth of city for next 20 years. The “single-window” GIS mechanism established utilizing the services of the Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre (KSRSAC) – the nodal agency for all RS and GIS activities in the state of Karnataka, will provide urban administrator recent and accurate information about the city/urban area for systematic & scientific planning. With the availability of space technology, wherein systematic, synoptic, rapid and repetitive coverage over large areas is possible from a vantage point in space, it is possible to generate and update the data in a spatial format at regular intervals.

The core activities in planning are preparation and maintenance of the citywide planning documents and the analytic materials. The data in terms of Plans, Schemes and Drawings organized in section wise and in varied formats (Paper to Digital) and scales reduces optimal access and efficient use. Thus, a major need is to integrate spatial datasets and the MIS in a single comprehensive GIS database for retrieving the information in an efficient manner to meet the functions /operations of MUDA. MUDA-GIS is based on advanced state-of-art technology, including:

  • IRS and high-resolution satellite image based mapping and monitoring of city urban spread and urban land use – generating a temporal image-based urban growth and change analysis.
  • Organizing, Updating and Maintaining a systematic and detailed GIS database to ensure that MUDA always has an updated GIS database available and accessible.
  • Having GIS Decision Support System applications software in support of different MUDA activities and citizen-service application for providing e-services to citizens.

The GIS DSS Application will result in:

  • Anytime, anywhere easy fast retrieval of information.
  • Improved decision making, accountability and transparency.
  • Reduced time lag between information gathering and circulation
  • Improved service delivery mechanism.
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